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Picketfence Jubilee of Blue Skies
Clarice and her mother Missy offered us so many wonderful kittens before they retired that we could not pass up this little cutie! She is the daughter of Clarice's brother Rudy! What a playful, cuddly and sweet little Napoleon girl Jubilee is. When she has a litter it is like Christmas! You never know what colors you are going to get!
Cte Calico Napoleon Kitten
Stunning Calico napoleon Cat
Silver Shaded napoleon Kitten
Blueskies Juno
Blueskies is proud to introduce Juno. She is  the first second generation Blueskies' kitten to stay here as a queen! Her Mama, Sillhouette was born here, too! Juno is getting praises from all over the "Napoleon World" as a fine example of what we are striving for all Napoleons to look like. We are so excited about Juno's kittens!
Kristin DuBois
Blueskies Phabulous Phoebe
Phoebe is Blueskies new up-and-coming queen. She is an excellent example of a Napoleon and has already won two "Best of Breed" awards. Phoebe offers a great variety of kittens, including blue points, seal points, tabbies, solids, and silver shadeds all with the possibility of white! She is full of spunk and energy and we are very excited to have her!
Blue Skies Bohemian Rhapsody in Blue
Rhapsody is the daughter of Xena and Berlioz and will help her half-sister Phoebe in carrying on her mother's wonderful genes. She is a blue point and white and is a wonderful Napoleon girl.
Blueskies Once in a Blue Moon
Moon is the daughter of Luna and Berlioz. She is beautiful blue lynx point just like her mother. We waited a long time to get the perfect daughter from Luna before we retired her and Moon is that girl!
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The Purrfect Tequila Sunrise of Blueskies
Tequila is a beautiful cream and white Persian boy. We are thrilled with the extra white he adds to our kittens as well as all of calico kittens he gives us. We are excited to now be able to produce red or cream girls thanks to Tequila!
McDoogles Sweet Hazelnut Kiss
Hazel is a georgeous lilac tortie & white girl. She has a luxurious plush medium length coat. Hazel will be an intregal part of establishing chocolate kittens at Blue Skies.
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Lildarlynns Magical Prince Pippin
Pippin is a stunning non-standard Napoleon. He is a shaded chocolate & white with odd eyes.  Not only does he help cpntinue Blue Skies beautiful shaded lines but bring chocolate to the mix as well!

Blueskies Cracker Jack
Jack is Blue Skies first "homegrown" stud. He is also our first standard stud. He is a shaded red tabby and is the son of Star and Rory!