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Kristin DuBois
Blueskies Phabulous Phoebe
Phoebe is Blueskies new up-and-coming queen. She is an excellent example of a Napoleon and has already won two "Best of Breed" awards. Phoebe offers a great variety of kittens, including blue points, seal points, tabbies, solids, and silver shadeds all with the possibility of white! She is full of spunk and energy and we are very excited to have her!
Blueskies Once in a Blue Moon
Moon is the daughter of Luna and Berlioz. She is beautiful blue lynx point just like her mother. We waited a long time to get the perfect daughter from Luna before we retired her and Moon is that girl!
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Blueskies Cracker Jack
Jack is Blue Skies first "homegrown" stud. He is also our first standard stud. He is a shaded red tabby and is the son of Star and Rory!
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Blueskies Wynter Whyte Chocolyte
Wynter is a cute little tortie point and white girl. She is the daughter of our retired breeders Jubilee & Pippin!
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Blueskies Musette
Musette spent two years at Beaux N Belles cattery and has now returned to continue her Blue Skies hertitage at home. She is one of three kittens from the only litter her father, Tequilla, ever sired, so we are super happy to have those amazing genes back in our program. Her mother, Blue Skies retired queen, Rhapsody, has a great Blue Skies legacy as well. Musette is a gorgeous blue cream point and white and is Blue Skies first non-standard queen!
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