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Illinois Kittens for sale
Napoleon Cats for sale
Napoleon Kittens for sale
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Munchkin Kittens for sale
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Polo, Illinois
(815) 946-2182
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Blue Skies has been breeding Napoleon cats exculsively  since 2006!
 Blue Skies breeds beautiful Napoleon kittens and is located in Northern Illinois, in a small historic town surrounded by beautiful green corn fields and a clear blue sky as far as you can see. We are only two hours from Chicago or Milwaukee, an hour and forty-five minutes from the quad cities, and a mere forty-five minutes from Rockford. We raise our Napoleon kittens as part of our family, underfoot, with as much love and cuddling as any kitten could hope to have. Blue Skies is registered with CFF and TICA and will provide you with an adorable, sweet kitten who loves nothing more than to play and purr in your arms.
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 Napoleons are a wonderful new breed of cats. They have cute little short legs and an adorable kitten-like personality which they maintain their whole lives!
Napoleon Kittens for Sale
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Blue Skies is currently on hold for new litters for personal health reasons. We hope to start having new litters in the spring.