Please consider adopting a rescue cat or  kitten from Rochelle Veterinary Hospital. They constantly have abandoned and rescued cats and kittens in need of loving adoptive homes.

Available Kittens
Each of the cats or kittens available from The Rochelle Vet is Feline Leukemia negative and available for a $115 adoption fee which includes vaccinations, micro-chipping, deworming, and their alter.
Rochelle Veterinary Hospital is Blue Skies' first choice for our cats' health care!
Contact Rochelle Veterinary Hospital at (815)562-5207 for information on the rescue cats on this page as well as any new cats that have been dropped off and are in need of a  loving "forever home."
Rochelle is about...
 2 hours from Peoria or Bloomington
1 1/2 hours from Chicago or the Quad Cities
45 minutes from Rockford
and less than half an hour from DeKalb!

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The cats & kittens pictured here may no longer be available. The turnover is pretty fast. Please contact the vet's office directy about what is actually available.
Rochelle Veterinary Hospital
has many rescue cats and kittens in need of loving homes. Click here to see what cats and kittens
                 are available.